Atom Robot D2-1000-P0

Large load, High precision, High stability, Low cost



A 2-degree-of-freedom high-speed parallel robot tailored to meet the needs of plane handling and assembly operations of light materials. It does not need to be equipped with vision and relies on sensor positioning to complete plane operations.



1. The standard cycle time is less than 0.66s, which meets the needs of pursuing the highest speed and large load

2. Special plane parallel mechanism design, low cost to realize plane high speed transportation

3. It is very suitable for high-speed production operations in food, medicine and other industries, mainly used for assembly, handling, and sorting of small materials


Detailed product parameters


Atom Robot D2-1000 Detailed Product Parameters


Load - frequency


Atom Robot D2-1000 Load Frequency




Atom Robot D2-1000


Industry use


Atom Robot D2-1000 Industry Use


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