Atom Robot D3W-1100-P0

High speed, High precision, High stability, Economic & Practical



The classic high-speed parallel robot configuration has the functional characteristics of translation along the XYZ axis in the three-dimensional space. By matching with a high-precision machine vision system, it is suitable for high-speed production operations in the food, medicine and other industries. , Sorting, etc.



1、The standard cycle time is less than 0.4s, meeting your pursuit for the maximum speed and economic.

2、Advanced design of compression spring ,enables the parallel-arm to be used for a long time and be easily dismounted.

3、The robot is ideal for high-speed production in food and medicine industry. Widely used in assembly, handling and pick-and-place of small materials.


Detailed product parameters


Atom Robot D3W-1100 Detailed product parameters


Load - frequency


Atom Robot D3W-1000 load frequency




Atom Robot D3W-1100-Drawing


Industry use


Atom Robot D3W-1100 Industry Use


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