Atom Robot D3PM-1100-P0

High speed, High stability, Large space, Lower Height



The classic high-speed parallel robot configuration has the functional characteristics of translation along the XYZ axis of the three-dimensional space and rotation around the Z axis. By matching with a high-precision machine vision system, it is suitable for high-speed production operations in the food, medicine and other industries. Material assembly, handling, sorting, etc.



1. The standard cycle time is less than 0.4s, meeting your pursuit for the maximum speed and economic.

2. Advanced design of the rotational motor on moving platform ,enables the robot to be easily achieve high rotation precision.

3. The robot is ideal for high-speed production in food and medicine industry. Widely used in assembly, handling and pick-and-place of small materials for space height limited occasions.


Detailed product parameters


Atom Robot D3PM 1100 Detailed Product Parameters


Load - frequency


Atom Robot D3PM 1100 Load Frequency




Atom Robot D3PM 1100 Drawing


Industry use


Atom Robot D3PM 1100 Industry Use


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